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It’s not only about understanding the clients’ needs and goals, but fully grasping the potential of their markets. Bridging that divide is pure magic.

Pat Mackey, President
OPEN Communications


this is how we work - from start to finish

Take a moment and think about what real success means to you.

For some it can be found on a spreadsheet or a dividend cheque. Others see success in more complex terms, like market share or brand proliferation. It can be as simple as how many followers you have on Twitter or as complex as weathering the communications challenges of an unexpected event. You can have a successful marketing campaign and yet not make a dime. Just as you can have a successful product, only to find that you do not have the resources to meet demand.

That is the nature of success: it can be a tricky thing. Just as there are infinite ways to define success, there are also infinite ways to achieve it. And they are never the same. The fact is that there is no set strategy that can ensure positive results in any situation. That is a pipedream. However, companies that invariably succeed with almost uncanny regularity, often share a common characteristic – they are perpetually open to the possibilities: open to reach out, open to explore, open to innovate, open to change.

The commonality is obvious: they are always open.

That is the core, the heart of OPEN Communications. We think differently because we are different. Our culture doesn’t support set, pre-packaged solutions for our clients. Just as no two people are the same, so it is with companies, brands, markets, demographics and cultures. Our OPEN Resource approach allows us to engage the most talented skill sets in the field to ensure that the right resources are tasked to your needs.

Wayne Wheeler, Senior Marketing Consultant
OPEN Communications

Charting a course to real, tangible success takes a team of professionals working seamlessly towards a common goal, guided by a strategy tailored to your goals and proven to produce results.

Our time proven process governs every initiative (click each title to enlarge):

Absorb the Mission

Getting the essential lay of the land is the genesis of any communications initiative. This is more than determining target markets or messaging points. It means developing a meaningful understanding of your client, grasping the essentials of their goals, strategies, values and vision. You must probe both their internal and external cultures, researching their needs, perceptions and motivations. The study must be as comprehensive as an audit: methodical in execution yet maintaining an intimate grasp of the fundamentals that makes every company, product and brand unique.

Determine the Possibilities

Only when you fully appreciate the challenge at hand can you envision the possibilities.

No one gains wisdom or enlightenment through osmosis. You have to work at it. Experience can guide the process, but it cannot dictate the result. At OPEN Communications, we understand that this requires creative thinking that eschews comfort zones and recycled ideas, identifying the necessary investments of time and resources to ensure results. Unique results that define why you are different while others are not. This is the art of the possible. And it is the starting point to developing truly memorable experiences for your company, your brand and your vision of a better future.

Delineate a Strategy

Nothing clarifies smart, efficient and cost effective development like a definitive plan of action. It codifies everything learned to date, harnessing that accumulated wisdom to define a new course, a course that bridges the now with the possible. Development processes are inherently vulnerable as they almost always advocate change of some kind. Whether they believe it to be true or not, most people are adverse to change: more comfortable with conformity and predictability than with the transformative dynamics of innovation. But change doesn’t have to be an out of body experience. Our team at OPEN appreciates that the best plan of attack is one that compliments the vision of a company’s internal culture while endeavouring to chart new ways of thinking expansively. Inclusive development processes creates stronger, more lasting bonds to a company and its goals.

Develop the Assets

Successful creative celebrates the marriage of the possible with the temperance of experience, industry expertise and strategic vision. Going too far is just as potentially destructive as not going far enough. The true magic lies in the balance. Achieving that balance requires a strong and steady hand at the prow, adept at avoiding the choppy waters synonymous with going too far too fast. At Open Communications, our creative unit works from a vast pool of experience: vividly successful, painstakingly unique yet effective projects and campaigns that have always delivered tangible, verifiable results. We are never so bold as to assume we know it all, and that is what makes the creative journey so enticing.

Gauge the Impact

At OPEN, we view every asset we develop as an investment by our clients: an investment of time, resources and capital. Measuring the success of that asset is critical, since impact doesn’t necessarily guarantee a lasting impression. We have all seen ads that can bring a tear to your eye, but you forget the product. We have all noticed brands that are so obtuse, you need a clairvoyant to explain them. A finished project is not necessarily a successful project: there must be a commensurate return of investment.

OPEN Communications employs both internal and external metrics to gauge success. From perception to performance metrics for brands, to financial and touchpoint metrics for developed assets, OPEN’s resources cover numerous analytic applications to ensure goals are met and investments are quantified.

That’s what real success means to us.