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It’s not only about understanding the clients’ needs and goals, but fully grasping the potential of their markets. Bridging that divide is pure magic.

Pat Mackey, President
OPEN Communications


what makes OPEN Communications the right fit for you

Closed environments are the antithesis of communications.

You simply cannot communicate effectively with walls all around you. And yet it is invariably the case for most companies that these obstacles exist, usually in great numbers. Barriers to opportunity, to new markets, to more effective messaging, the list can be both frustratingly long and imposing. Breaking through requires a team willing to embrace the possibilities, capable of stepping away from the comfort zone of what is considered normal and familiar to chart newer, smarter routes to success. It would be a new way of building business solutions.

A more open way. OPEN Communications.

OPEN Communications is a new full service marketing and advertising agency based in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador. We offer a broad specialization in marketing services, advertising campaigns and programs, brand platform development, communications strategies and programs, strategic development, multi-media campaign and collateral development including digital media platform development and social media strategies.

OPEN Communications is a one-stop destination for companies, organizations and government agencies looking for limitless options in creating and executing on the big ideas that generate real, tangible business results.

Marvin Chaulk, Vice-President, OPEN Communications

We understand that for any communications initiative to be effective it should be more than a composite of images and messages: it must be an experience for its intended audience. Whether online or over the counter, verbal or visual, personal or product based, the strongest communications platforms create singularly unique experiences that attract and connect with target consumers, tearing away the obstacles that separate them.

Defining and exploiting unique opportunities in business is one of the single most important decisions a company can make. Cultivating the right combination to package, position and promote these opportunities in a manner that is quantifiable in its return on investment is crucial. OPEN Communications is capable not only of developing lasting experiences through words and websites, pixels and packaging, events and environments, but can gauge these results with applied metrics to demonstrate its effectiveness. To accomplish this, we have assembled one of the strongest teams of marketing and communications professionals in the region, each bringing his or her unique skill sets and industry experience to compliment OPEN’s working culture. Each team member and development partner has been hand-picked, vetted for their superior capabilities and established track records of accomplishment. The result is a core management and production dynamic that is sinuous and fluid, unencumbered by unfamiliarity or uncertainty. Compatibility and camaraderie in a high-energy workplace environment are essential components of OPEN Communication’s operating culture because it breeds innovation, expansive thinking and targeted results.

OPEN Communications creates unique and desirable experiences for our clients that circumvent the barriers that exist between companies and their target markets. We can do this because we understand that the best product we can develop is a strategic combination of hard work, talent and proven methodologies, forged into the service of sustained business growth.

We can do it because we are always OPEN to the possibilities.