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It’s not only about understanding the clients’ needs and goals, but fully grasping the potential of their markets. Bridging that divide is pure magic.

Pat Mackey, President
OPEN Communications


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Of the many strengths OPEN Communications, the greatest is undoubtedly the potency of our assembled team of talent. The combined advantage of our requisite skills sets, enhanced and supported by our network of development partners, opens an entire world of possibilities: virtual one stop shopping in a vast array of marketing, advertising, communications, public relations, online development and social media capabilities. It is a testament to the potency and experience of OPEN’s available talent pool that so many services can be provided by such a small, tight group of industry professionals.

That is our OPEN advantage.

Pat Mackey, President, Chief Creative Officer Marvin Chaulk, Vice-President, Senior Consultant Stephen Wheeler, Senior Graphic Designer, Digital Media Manager Wayne Wheeler, Senior Marketing Consultant
Pat Mackey, President, Chief Creative Officer Marvin Chaulk, Vice-President, Senior Consultant Stephen Wheeler, Senior Graphic Designer, Digital Media Manager Wayne Wheeler, Senior Marketing Consultant

Pat Mackey
President, Chief Creative Officer

As the founder of OPEN Communications, Pat’s catalogue of work encompasses literally hundreds of projects spanning every sector of the marketing and advertising discipline: from innovative brand and packaging applications for the boutique Icelandic vodka producer Vifilfell; to developing the lead promotional collateral for the $250,000,000 Freedom Commons retirement community in Belmont Hill, Massachusetts; to crafting the entire advertising and promotional suite for Cupids 400 in 2010, considered one of the most successful provincial celebrations ever in Newfoundland and Labrador. Pat’s leadership in driving OPEN Communications’ creative output will provide our clients with unrivaled creative solutions.

Pat’s record of success across a wide range of communications initiatives is grounded in his deep understanding of his clients and their needs. He appreciates that effective marketing, advertising and communications solutions are forged through relationships: relationships with your clients, their audience, their brand, their products and services, their markets and demographics, their goals and aspirations.

You have to make it a personal investment. Delving deep into your client’s internal culture so that you’re almost part of the brickwork. It is only then can you be truly open to think expansively and harness the creative potential of a project.

Over the past 20 years, Pat has harnessed that potential in over 300 projects for clients from Calgary to Chicago to Reykjavik. And yours could be next.

Contact Pat today to start your own OPEN discussion.

Marvin Chaulk
Vice-President, Senior Consultant

Marvin’s 17-year career in business management, leadership, sales, marketing and entrepreneurship epitomizes the strength of OPEN Communications’ leadership team. His passion for creativity, and his ability to motivate and lead teams, understand client needs, deliver solutions, and achieve results were just some of the attributes that led to early successes at national marketing giant CCL, then as co-founder of Graphic Substance, a technology company focused on audio and video streaming innovations.

As President of Nati, Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Technology Industries, Marvin rebranded and rejuvenated the organization and grew the team from two to thirteen employees to become one of the largest technology associations in the country. During this time, Marvin assisted member companies with investments, international business, strategy, branding, sales, acquisitions, and leadership.

As Sales Manager with Bell Aliant and President of Q5 Systems, Marvin successfully led sales pursuits that resulted in excess of $72M of new business. One of the key success attributes was his ability to build trusted relationships and achieve status as trusted advisor with key enterprise accounts. In a business development capacity, Marvin successfully developed channel partnerships and concluded $18M worth of business.

As Director of Business Development and CFO of Infotech, an IT Professional Services firm, Marvin created an acquisition strategy, solicited potential buyers, negotiated an agreement and led the due diligence process to successfully conclude the sale of Infotech assets to PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. As Director of Consulting and Deals at PwC, Marvin assisted with the transition throughout the first 6 months. Marvin was also a management consultant to PwC’s enterprise level customers.

Building tangible and sustainable success for your clients begins with listening. Fully understanding their needs, their goals and aspirations equips and empowers an agency to deliver value and achieve results. OPEN understands that every enterprise client is different. And only when you master the fundamentals that embodies that difference, can you achieve real success in developing their marketing and communications assets.

For our clients, Marvin can leverage his extensive industry experience, network of contacts and strategic expertise to chart a dynamic course for your future success.

Contact Marvin today to begin your journey. His door is always OPEN.

Stephen Wheeler
Senior Graphic Designer, Digital Media Manager

The best graphic designers are budding artists at heart. They differ from artists in that they can capture and maintain the crucial balance between the innate ability to sense the potential of a layout and the temperance to mold that potential into an asset that can perform to a client’s expectation. But like artists, they are always exploring, always sifting through what works and what is possible.

There is always a symmetry in effective creative and design: between the message you wish to convey and the stylistic assets that most effectively communicate that message. Allowing only one side to dominate challenges that essential equilibrium, affecting the impact, reach and performance of the touch point. When that happens, no one wins. Not you. Not your audience. The key is experience. It filters right from wrong in a way that no course or manual ever could.

As OPEN Communications’ Senior Graphic Designer and Illustrator, Stephen churns out graphic and layout applications with swift and exacting precision. With over 10 years of experience in the design industry, Stephen has honed his skill sets over hundreds of projects with a sharp eye for the shape and flow of a design. He is key to transforming OPEN’s boundless imagination into a very unique and impactful reality.

Stephen is ready to frame your vision today. Let’s start something together.

Wayne Wheeler
Senior Marketing Consultant

As our Senior Marketing Consultant, Wayne brings over 22 years of marketing, advertising, strategic development and public relations expertise to OPEN Communications. With a focus in strategy development, marketing research, focus testing, media buying and project management, Wayne helps client companies delineate and package their vision and guides the execution of defining strategies into successful outcomes. Clients quickly get to know Wayne’s relentless and methodical work ethos, primed by the shear breadth of projects he has engaged in over the years.

Getting to know your client is key. The more you engage with your client, the clearer everything becomes: goals, needs, comfort zones, it all becomes apparent. With that knowledge in hand, it makes it a lot easier to understand what you should be doing and the best ways to get it done.

Before joining OPEN, Wayne’s agency experience encompassed management of large enterprise accounts such as Vale and BDC, as well as various government departments in the municipal, provincial and federal sectors. He has completed projects for non-profit associations such as the Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Technology Industries (NATI), Conservation Corp of Newfoundland and Labrador and the Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Agriculture. He has also helped with the promotional initiatives for a variety of start-up companies.

Put Wayne’s expertise to work on your next initiative. Start your conversation now.

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