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Blog Author: Wayne Wheeler

The Positive Side of Negativity

Wayne Wheeler

Posted: January 07, 2016

I regret to inform you but this blog is going to be a little negative. That’s because it’s about how negative news is picked-up and distributed around. As Douglas Adams once said “Nothing travels faster than light with the possible exception of bad news…”

Let’s jump straight to the elephant in the room. Oil prices. The drop in oil prices has impacted this province in several ways with a decrease in oil royalties perhaps being the most noticeable. However (get ready for a negative bit), the worst is potentially yet to come. Why? Because since time and immemorial, the media has always loved to cover negative stories (I read an article recently that compared this province’s economy to that of Greece!). The media also love to cover the negative reactions of others to their negative stories. The result - people remember these gloomy news items and discuss them the next day in coffee shops, around the water cooler and in the board room.

It has been my experience that upon hearing negative news, people instantly believe it. However, good news is often met with scepticism and doubt. It is no wonder that some business leaders in this province being frequently subjected to negative stories about our economy tend to become more cautious about growing their business. Hiring decisions are postponed. New projects are subjected to second thoughts and plausible excuses for delays are deliberated. For these companies, marketing budgets are often first to be categorized as expenses and are slashed. If more companies adopt this attitude, all the resulting hold back and cutting can enviably make things worse.

So, what is the positive side to all of this? There is a real opportunity for you to take a leap ahead. To paraphrase Henry Ford “A man who stops spending on marketing to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time”. Now is the time to be smart. To think strategically. To push ahead with your marketing plans while many of your competitors hide in the sand. At OPEN, we focus on our strategic capabilities. It is our bread and butter. We have helped many clients to strategically achieve their marketing goals while optimizing their budgets and increasing their revenue. We delight in researching and creating documents, diagrams and charts that encapsulate a wealth of critical marketing intelligence with actionable tactics.  This means our clients benefit from marketing approaches that are fully investigated and carefully devised. We can also develop any creative deliverables to fully implement the plan. So, while many of your competitors are using a “do nothing and hope for the best” approach, you can take full advantage of the situation.

To put it simply “Fortune favours the bold”.