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The unlimited potential of drive and talent

I work with a highly talented bunch of people that each bring unique perspectives and contributions to every aspect of a project. What does all this mean to our clients? Quite a lot.

Wayne Wheeler, Senior Marketing Consultant
OPEN Communications


discover the breadth of our services suite

One of the most persuasive arguments OPEN Communications can offer is the scope of our services and capabilities suite.

Through a compelling combination of in-house expertise and our OPEN Resource development partnerships, OPEN can cultivate bespoke, tailored solutions that address the unique needs of each and every market and enterprise client. From renowned creative resources to the very cutting edge of social media and mobile communications platforms, OPEN Communications’ client-centric proficiencies easily traverse the tricky bridge between the bastions of old and new media, fully understanding the impact and effectiveness both can have when properly applied in the modern media mix.

OPEN Communications is constantly exploring new, more innovative ways to communicate, forging new touch points that will allow our clients to connect with their target audiences, to advance their message, their brands, their products and services. This unending quest drives OPEN to grow, allowing the evolving needs of our clients to open new windows of creative and technical expertise. It is in this mix, this combination of forces both within OPEN and through our development partnerships, that creates a diverse catalogue of services and capabilities that few agencies can match. This is not to suggest that we will ever think we know everything. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. OPEN Communications appreciates that markets and the forces that shape them are perpetually growing, forever changing. To assume your expertise and capabilities is the answer to every new challenge is to court failure. But in assuming that you don’t know it all drives research, learning, mastering new ideas and skills that open new doors, new avenues to explore and map.

This is the fun factor for OPEN Communications: the actual process. It drives everything we do. It is the essence of what OPEN Communications is and what it will always be.

Pat Mackey, Founder, OPEN Communications

OPEN Communications also understands that it is the potency of its human capital, its people that is its core strength. We view our team as family, and thus are keenly aware of life both inside and outside of the office. We offer flexible work hours. We don’t assume that a 14-hour day or a working weekend is acceptable without tangible rewards. We allow our people the freedom to explore new areas and new ideas outside of their skill sets and we infuse this initiative into working projects. The end result is always more: more productivity, more satisfaction, more solutions. And most of all, stronger output, better results for our clients.

The value of OPEN Communications’ one-stop proficiencies for core strategic development in marketing, advertising, branding, online development, collateral production and digital media is both tangible and compelling.

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