open communications
The unlimited potential of drive and talent

I work with a highly talented bunch of people that each bring unique perspectives and contributions to every aspect of a project. What does all this mean to our clients? Quite a lot.

Wayne Wheeler, Senior Marketing Consultant
OPEN Communications


marketing: if you know your audience, you know your potential

For OPEN, the key to understanding and anticipating any company’s needs entails gaining a full appreciation of their overall market situation, positioning, objectives as well as their limitations. In essence, we must understand the field of battle before marshaling resources to engage. OPEN Communications appreciates where a company is positioned in the marketplace is often at odds to where it wishes to be. Through intensive research and planning, encompassing a company’s internal and external cultures, resource base and production capacity, market growth patterns and trends, OPEN develops a strategic template for engagement. Evolving from these strategic objectives, opportunities are identified, allowing the market ambitions of a promotional platform to be defined and documented, attended by the essential analytical data that allows for bulletproof reconnoitering and engagement.

Our marketing proficiencies include:

  • Market Research
  • Strategic Planning & Development
  • Campaign Development
  • Analytics
  • Annual Reports