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The unlimited potential of drive and talent

I work with a highly talented bunch of people that each bring unique perspectives and contributions to every aspect of a project. What does all this mean to our clients? Quite a lot.

Wayne Wheeler, Senior Marketing Consultant
OPEN Communications


online development: open optimization drives the performance and capabilities of your online assets

The most fundamental changes to marketing, advertising and communications in the last ten years have all happened online. Online and digital technologies are now ubiquitous in the modern communications paradigm. For most companies, an online presence is often the only tangible interaction clients or customers may ever have with their organization. The availability of new digital technologies and capabilities, the increasing proliferation of digital savvy consumers and the indisputable success of web-centric brands and businesses, make it an absolute imperative for companies to evolve their online footprint into a much more dynamic and tangible digital experience.

Synchronicity of digital media touch points is crucial in delivering target audiences a cohesive and seamless brand experience. That is why OPEN Communications’ designers, managers and technical staff work with clients from the beginning: creating a strategic approach to developing performance based digital media solutions. Employing OPEN Communications guarantees that all your marketing, advertising, communications and brand strategies are all fully aligned, opening opportunities to significantly advance the public’s experience of your company’s image, your brand and your message.

OPEN Communications leverages its expertise in innovative, technology-driven platforms and strategies to generate unique digital experiences for our customers.

Our online development proficiencies include:

  • Strategy Development
  • Website Development
  • Mobile Platform Development
  • Multimedia Applications
  • Online Marketing/Advertising
  • Social Media Implementation & Management
  • Digital Illustration/Animation
  • Content Management Platforms (CMS)
  • Search Engine Optimization/Management/Marketing (SEO/SEM)